Digital Carrier Online

Digital Carrier Online

No apps. No fixed costs. No nonsense.

The easy way of sending trips to drivers without an on-board computer

Digital Carrier Online is a platform handling of the communication between a (external) driver and a dispatcher. The dispatcher sends all information about loading and unloading to the driver, most likely not one of his own, but from a haulier, directly from his transport management system. The driver receives a link to this information in an e-mail. Using this link the driver is able to process all the tasks of the trip directly from a normal internet browser. Status information is sent back to the dispatcher through the same platform.

The driver does not need an on-board computer. A mobile phone, tablet or laptop with an internet browser is sufficient to receive and process the information. An additional option the platform provides is the upload of documents and images (for example freight document, European Cleaning Document), which are then sent back to the transport management system as well.

Just an e-mail address of the driver and an interface between your transport management system and the Digital Carrier Online platform is enough to start sending trips to the driver.

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